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High School Would have been Better If I’d Only Known!

Meandering the Web on a Saturday

I may have missed a few beats in high school. I probably spent too much time in my wandering, yet exciting, mind. As I am wont to do (now, how many times do you get to use the word ‘wont?’) instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing, I was wandering around the web. I ran across a list from Sibyl at The Alternaview. She wrote a list of 30 things she wished she knew before she knew better, or something like that. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty interesting list.

Here are the first 11. If you want to see the rest, head over to her blog and take a look. I was only going to list 10, but then I liked #11 so much, I had to add it.

  1. The only difference between a rainy Monday and a sunny Monday is my perspective.
  2. Setting goals doesn’t end … they should just get bigger and better.
  3. It’s okay to not know.
  4. You can break a bad habit by falling in love with its opposite.
  5. If you ask yourself questions and are patient, the answers will always come.
  6. Be happy walking until you can run … and then it is time to try to fly.
  7. It is unnecessary to prove to other people that you are right.
  8. You should either be living your purpose or working to figure out what it is.
  9. Apple’s stock price is going to continue increase for a very long time.
  10. There is no way around it … you have to do some sort of exercise.
  11. Life is not a competition.

The one that caught my eye was the first. When I was a kid, my only criteria for life was that if I looked outside and it was a gray day, that was not good. On the other hand, if it was a yellow day (exactly as I thought it then), it would, as my grandfather used to say, go like gangbusters.

So What Would You Add to the List?

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  1. Mike: Thanks so much for checking out my list. I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. I think many of us know exactly what you mean about missing a few beats in high school. Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it.

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