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Boomers’ Weekend Reading Room

A little coffee, a little mandolinBoomers, Coffee, and Weekend Reading

Walking, Yoga Helps Your Brain via PsychCentral

It’s not a surprise that exercise helps our brains; we’ve known that for quite a while. But it turns out that Yoga and walking may help preserve our aging brains in different ways. Both are good, just different.

Derail Your Worry with Mindful Breathing via PsychCentral

A large part of worry is getting wrapped up in the succession of thoughts that float across our consciousness. Even when mindfulness is practiced, chances are that worried, fearful, and angry thoughts will continue to show up. The tricky part is to catch ourselves being carried away with them and gently return to awareness of breathing.

Boomer Generation, Entrepreneurship, and You via My North Carolina

More business of late are being started by boomer entrepreneurs. Why is that? At least part of the answer is that we find ourselves at a crossroad in a number of ways. There is a lot of focus on what aging boomers will do as they retire. But there are other transition points to consider at the same time. There is a gap opened up as kids leave home and there is more time to focus on other endeavors. The current economy is putting many people out of the traditional job market and self-employment is an increasingly popular choice – accidental entrepreneurship is becoming a prime time sport.

Women – Happy Life Begins at 50 via Hindustan Times

Happiness Begins at 54 via UK Independent

Now Happiness Begins at 55 via UK Express

I’ve never been able to quite get my head around what people mean by happiness when these “happiness” studies show up. Apparently there is some other confusion out there as well. The three articles above, based on some of these studies having some trouble picking the date that this happiness ensues.

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