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Finding Your Power Spot

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Where and when are you at your absolute best?

Where and when do you know you just don’t fit?

Long ago a class I took made an indelible impression on me.  As is often the case, it was an elective and was about the philosophy of wisdom.  It introduced me to Carlos Casteneda, who, over time, I gues I outgrew.  Some of his ideas stuck with me though.

Your Power Spot

Teaching begins with an episode in which Don Juan tells Castaneda to look for his `spot’, a place where he will feel more comfortable and at ease than anywhere else; he told Castaneda that there was such a spot within the confines of the porch. Colin Wilson

Dustin Wax brought that idea to mind the other day with a post on StepCase Lifehack.

Whatever you do with your time, if you find people, places, or activities where you absolutely know you are absolutely on top of your game.  You fit. Whether or not you agree with many of the motivational speakers, if you listen to them talk – and they are good – it is obvious that they absolutely own the stage.

Brain and Body in Synch

When your brain and your body are working together in synch, you are there. Your brain is command central in this process and it’s important to keep your brain fit and to have the attentional awareness to know the edges of your comfort zone.

Everyone has at least one place where they are totally in charge, where by dint of their competence, their familiarity, or their hard work they can assert themselves more strongly than anywhere else. Most of us have more than one. It might be a physical space – the store you work in, your office, your workshop. Or it might be a field of endeavor – a hobby, a business specialty, an academic discipline. via What’s Your Territory? – Stepcase Lifehack.

When you are there you are there, and it’s paramount to know it. On the other hand, it’s also not a bad idea to know when you are not on the money,  Do you know when the space you ar in is the your enemy, your brain’s enemy?

Exhausted, he lay by the wall and fell asleep. When he woke up, Don Juan told him that he had found his `spot’ – where he had fallen asleep. The other spot was bad for him, the `enemy’. via Colin Wilson

No Place to Park

An old friend of mine consulted with businesses. She used to tell me a story about some of the places she went.  She would go in to work with a group and, as she told it, she would immediate feel like there was no place for her to park. She was pretty intuitive and she knew a couple of things when she had that feeling.

She could feel the offness of it all, that she was in the ‘enemy’ camp. Not that the people were the enemy, but maybe the collective brain of the business, or the culture that was frozen in place.  She would either fail at the assignment or she would work her ass off to get them facilitate change.  I think she got the job done most of the time, but she also paid the price.

The thing, I believe, to do is to increase the time you spend in those things you can lose yourself in.  You know, those places where YOU KNOW you are doing the right thing.

So, the question is how do you find your power spot?

Or have you already found it?

What tells you that you are in your power spot?

How do you know if you are doing something where “there is no place for you to park?

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