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Means as Ends – Samsara is Nirvana

zenbrain-w488-h300Dustin Wax of Stepcase Lifehack is on to something here.  The paragraph from his post (below) describes exactly what I see as a living a life as value-ing, of taking a step back and standing for something.

The trick, then, is treating every activity — or as many as possible, anyway — as an endin its own right. This means approaching the world with a higher level of reflective awareness than most of us are used to. It means taking the time to find a purpose that is internal to the things we do — that is, an incentive that isn’t imposed from outside but is part and parcel of the activity itself.

via Living a Life of Ends – Stepcase Lifehack.

When clients answera question about “what are values?”, they often give descriptions that consist of things they learn from their parents, or of goals they want to accopmplish, or, in my tiny mind, worst of all, morals.

Those answers give away the one thing that truly belongs to us as individuals.  Values consist not of following a path, because when that is the case, we follow someone else’s path, but of both being and making a path.

In that sense, value-ing, is creating new pathways in our brains and our behavior.  I think that makes them the best of both worlds, means and ends at the same time.


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