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I’ve Been Having Some Adventures in Google Plus

And So Far…

I haven’t figured it out.

So, I’ve been playing around, trying to get a handle on it.

What I’ve noticed so far is that it’s pretty intuitive, but it is still a new process.

  • I like the circles and have recently discovered how to add more people (after all, I am a beginner).
  • I just found the Sparks area. It’s like having a Google alerts thingie all in one place.
  • Did I say it was intuitive. I think I can get a handle on it.
  • It certainly adds a new twist to the whole Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn milieu.
  • I do wonder, though, if I want to get into another time sucker. I want to know how it can add to my productivity.
  • Call me paranoid, but with everything new that continues to happen, I wonder sometimes is Ray Kurzweil is right about us approaching the singularity.
  • But, what the hell, check it out anyway! It seems like it’s gonna be fun.
  • If you want to really understand how it works, you can check out this extensive tutorial on Mashable or go over to Chris Brogan’s blog and sign up for his Google Plus Webinar

So, how about you? Are you on Google +? What’s your take on it so far?

If you would like to add me to one of your circles, here is my place in the new world of Google PlusĀ  – Mike Kirkeberg on Google Plus

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