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Motivation: You Can Set Yourself Up to Succeed

Setting Yourself Up to Succeed

Did you know that there are simple ways to fuel your motivation?

Yeah, you can set yourself up for success and motivate yourself. You don’t have to blame yourself for not having willpower.

1. Give Yourself a Head Start

I have a friend who just hated getting up in the morning. It wasn’t actually getting out of bed that was the challenge. Sara would get up, shower, and then start to get ready for work. She’d begin sorting through clothes and trying on several outfits. She’d get frustrated and discouraged and decided this was no way to start the day. It would waste easily 20 minutes deciding what to wear. It was a bottleneck in her system.

Her simple solution to getting her groove on in the morning? She started by deciding what to wear the night before, setting her clothes out and having them ready to hop into early in the morning.

She called it her fireman’s method. She laughed when she told me she could just pop out of bed and slide down the pole into her clothes. It saved her half an hour every day. She began waking up motivated and encouraged, raring to go when she set off to work.

2. Doubling Down

Here’s one from my arsenal. I have always exercised. The last few years, I get out and walk on most days. The trouble has always been that I would lollygag around all morning and sometimes not get around to walking until late in the afternoon. All that waiting also gave me too many opportunities to weasel  out of exercising at all, which I’d been known to do.

Solution? I recruited a walking partner that I knew would help keep me on track. She was close, too. H and I began walking every other day and we set our sights on getting out first thing in the morning. It’s been two months and we haven’t missed a day yet.

There’s been an added benefit, too. We have had some great conversations on our walks.

3. Get It While the Getting’s Good

Another motivation multiplier is to take advantage of times when you’re fueled and ready to go. Taking on the tough things when your motivation is at its highest has a dual effect. You get more things that need doing done and you get to take pride in getting it done. That second part in itself is a motivator.

We all have peak times of day that are best for us. For many, it’s late morning and early afternoon. For others it may be evening or even late night. The trick is to find the time that is best for each of us without feeling guilty about it.

What do I mean guilty? There is a myth that many of us believe that is due for busting. It is that there are certain times of day, i.e., the aforementioned late am and early pm, that are the ‘appropriate’ times we ‘should’ be ready to rock the world.

That’s just not true for everyone, maybe not even most. I’ve often been told I should get up and get the hard work out-of-the-way. It doesn’t work for me. I am much better to get up, get out and walk, and then come back and relax for a while. I am much better in the afternoon and early evening. What are your hotspots during the day or evening – or the middle of the night for that matter? Take advantage of them.

4. Do Something Different

Finally, you can actually extend the time you are sharp by taking breaks every couple of hours.

Go out and take a short walk.

Take a nap for 15 minutes or meditate for the same.

Grab a healthy protein snack.

The point here is to do something different for a little while to give your brain a much-needed break.

Make It Easier on Yourself

These methods help to make motivation more a part of your life instead of a Herculean effort. A little self-manipulation is a beautiful thing. They are all along the line of putting the garbage – or your brief case – by the door setting yourself up to take them with you when you leave.

Manipulation is okay when you are doing it to yourself for your own benefit. You’re just setting yourself up to succeed.

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