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What is Your Kryptonite?

What’s your Kryptonite? What in your life renders you stuck, helpless, and in a weakened state?

Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Unless, of course, you have a chunk of Kryptonite in your pocket. For you non-comic-book-fans, Kryptonite is a meteor-like chunk of Superman’s home planet, Krypton. When exposed to this glowing green rock, Superman is rendered helpless, weak, and ineffective.

As long as this element is in close proximity to our hero, he’s as good as gone.

There are also other forms of this meteorite. The one I remember is yellow K. It’s unstable and unpredictable. It could turn the Man of Steel into a toad or into a roaring lion. It could ground him or render him deaf and mute.

The Kryptonic Fatal Flaw

Just about every hero had a fatal flaw. Green Lantern had his power ring that could do about anything to anything, unless the thing was yellow. Then he was powerless.

So, what was Batman’s fatal flaw? He had the same one that you and I have. He was simply human and carried with him all that that means.

The Triumph and Tragedy of Being Human

We’ve all got Kryptonites. If you are anything like me, you have more than one.

I would say that mine is chocolate. It’s true, but it doesn’t get at where I’m headed here.

On Being Distractable

If there is one thing that renders me helpless and stuck it is that I am easily distractable. Several times while writing this post, a word or concept has come up where I wanted desperately to look it up.

Damn Internet.

Jonathan Franzen talked about the lengths he went to limit distractions while writing Freedom. He disabled the wireless internet on his laptop. To be more certain, he even cut the end off a net cable and super-glued it into the receptacle on his computer.

One Thing at a Time

I have to do one thing at a time. Let me give you an example of one way I overcame my ADHD mind.

I had a moderately important phone call to make. The trouble seemed to be that I would only think of it at the absolutely most inopportune times. I was at a conference the other day when this one came up. I knew writing it down wouldn’t be enough. I had to strike while the iron was hot. I had to do something. I knew I couldn’t make the call from the training conference as I couldn’t find a place quiet enough and with an adequate cell signal. The simple thing I did to get the ball rolling was to call and get the phone number for this person.

I kn0w myself well enough that the act of writing it down would be enough of a tickler to get my attention and I got the call done today.

Distractions aren’t my Kryptonite. My susceptibility to them is.

What about you? What will knock you out of superhero status every time?

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